Outstanding Invoice SCAM

A friend of mine forwarded me an email that he had identified as a scam. It contained a brief message and a word document attachment, lets take a closer look; From: “Jerry Donovan” <Kristina.a51@motogalos.pt> Date:

YOU WON! – SCAM – Lotto Sizzler International Annual Promotional Draw Word Attachment Scam

Had so many fun things through on my email recently, Its like they want to be published ahah It seems the current trend is to keep the email basic so as to not trip

New 419 Scam – Jing.Kang@mris.com

I recieved this today; That was it! No long email (no email at all actually) no “bla bla geef me the monies” just quite simply, nothing! The email header looked like this; from: jing.kang@mris.com

How to complain to BES Utilities BES Commercial Energy

Ok, so this is starting to get a bit daft now – there are so many people coming out the woodwork that have been scammed by BES Utilities, so to assist you direct your

And another BES Utilities Complaints – SCAM – Mis-selling of energy contract!

And as if like magic, another BES Utilities complaint lands on our door… Hi Joel, Oh wow Joel Chapman of BES Utilities, you must be regretting taking this job on! I write to you

Another BES Utilities Mis-Sold Contract SCAM!

Well well well…. due to the popularity of some of the BES Utilities posts on here i’m starting to hear from more and more people who are having problems with BES Utilities – it seems

SCAM – Unable to deliver your item, #000552451 – FedEx Ground FAKE

Had a funny email from some n00b scam merchant; From: FedEx Ground <alvin.bowers@em021.cside.jp> Date: 27 February 2015 at 15:46 Subject: Unable to deliver your item, #000552451 To: my@email.address Dear Customer, Your parcel has arrived at